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Intermediate and Advanced Skills, Accessory Movements

Updated: May 11, 2020

These movements complete our cycle of skill and strength development programs.

Any and all of these variations on previously learned skills can be added to your pushing and pulling program on our @happyfatrings

Follow the same basic protocols outlined in our earlier programs as you develop mastery of foundational skills.

Stay tuned for future tutorials and programming ideas and remember to pick-up your pair of @happyfatrings today at the world's 1st 36mm fat grip gymnastic rings.


Single Arm Row


L-Sit to Tucked Shoulder Stand


Bulgarian Dips


Tuck Back Lever


Tuck Front Lever


Bicep Curls


Tricep Extensions


Ring Circles


Bulgarian Row


Bulgarian Pull-ups

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Nov 07, 2018

These rings are truly great. Their girth and feel are incomparable to conventional rings making them the ideal companion in your workout schemes. I cannot recommend them enough!

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