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The Fattest Rings on the Market

Updated: May 11, 2020


Made in Spain and after several years of development, Happy Fat Rings are the only 36mm thick grip gymnastic rings on the market!These wood rings are designed to improve grip strength and can be your “everyday rings.” No splinters, these are built smoothly and solidly constructed. They are easy to transport, grip, and are so versatile. The fat rings would make a great addition to any home gym.

Rings are not just for gymnasts. There is so much that you can do with them. They continue to become more and more popular thanks to CrossFit and other recent insights from training specialists. Whether your fitness levels are advanced or just beginning, rings can improve anyone’s strength and endurance. Basic exercises like push-ups and rows can be done, but so can more difficult exercises like muscle ups, l-sits, or handstand push-ups. They are also a great tool to just stretch and improve mobility. Rings can be adapted into anyone’s training routine.

With a 36 mm diameter, these are the thickest rings out there. You can definitely feel this in your forearms and much of your arms as you workout with them. More muscles are worked and there are countless benefits to that. The thick grip does make the workouts more difficult.

The Happy Fat Rings are at least 10% larger than most other options on the market. Despite the difference, these are still going to fit most hands and easy to hold onto. There is no slippage when grabbing the fat rings. The  “100% natural wood” is easy to grasp and there is usually no need for chalk. Plus, they are still extremely lightweight.  Overall, they are extremely comfortable to hold and have a grippy but natural texture.

The buckle is rock solid. There is no movement to it when in use and it’s easy to adjust the size. The staps are heavy duty and you’ll feel secure when performing exercises. One suggestion would be to offer several strap size options. While there is a velcro piece to help hold it together, many home gym owners may not need it to be as long as it currently is.

Furthermore, the rings are easy to set up,  disassemble and then put back together. It only takes a few minutes to do all of this. These can be easily transported to another spot in your gym or to another location. You’ll just need somewhere to hang them like a pull-up bar, squat rack, or a solid crossbeam  They can even be taken outdoors and hung from a tree limb, but shouldn’t be kept out there or used in rainy weather. A carrying container is included, making it easy to just throw in a bag and take wherever.

In the end, whether it’s your only pair of rings or an additional set for the wider grip, these rings would make a great addition to just about any home gym. They are uniquely constructed, easy to transport and add a wide range of workouts that can be accomplished at home. As previously mentioned, they are made in Spain, but can be shipped throughout the world so that you can get the fattest grips on the market. 


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You can see all of Garage Gym Experiments's product reviews and other content on their web. A great spot to learn about how to set up your home gym and fill it with the best equipment.

Robert Gannon is a Crossfit and Special Strength Coach with Crossfit Gala, Barcelona and Westside Barbell. He is also one of the founding partners of Happy Fat Rings, makers of the world’s only 36mm premium thick grip gymnastic rings. He has more that 20 years teaching experience and strives to help people from around the world get better.

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