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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

A short insight by Happy Fat Rings

What is Super-compensation

This phrase describes the effect of the bodies' adaptive process to exercise.

Sports scientists use this term to describe the period of adaptation that takes place after a specific phase of training where the body repairs the damage to the organism and over compensates in its regenerative process to help the body respond to similar future stressors.

(Check out this article to see more a more detailed explanation: author: Nick Kanwetz )

This principle is tremendously important to understand as an athlete or coach. There must be a control to allow for super-compensation to occur following any training period. The body grows and strengthens to allow for an even higher output during the next cycle of preparation. The art to optimising this period comes from measuring the training blocks for the athlete in a precise and calculated manner.

Too little training will produce little or no results. Too much training will induce an overtrained athlete that is prone to injury, fatigue and demotivation. To adjust properly to incorporate the super-compensation phase in an athletes' block of training the coach or practitioner should calculate the volume and recovery needed between workouts and over the whole cycle (3-12 weeks generally speaking.)

To resume for our readers and followers in simple terms; having an easy week or two of exercise following a long stretch of intense training while sleeping and eating properly will guarantee that the hard work done over the last weeks will consolidate in a the muscle and strength gains that were the original goal.

Please read learn more by clicking the link below and keep this principle in mind when you're training on your gymnastic rings. Grip training and fat-grip work also rely on these principles! Put it all together for optimal results.

To learn more please check out this link as well where the process is further explained in great detail by:

Also use the reference, Supertraining - author: Yuri Verkhoshansky

Robert Gannon is a Crossfit and Special Strength Coach with Crossfit Gala, Barcelona and Westside Barbell. He is also one of the founding partners of Happy Fat Rings, makers of the world’s only 36mm premium thick grip gymnastic rings. He has more that 20 years teaching experience and strives to help people from around the world get better.

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