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How to: Set-up your rings for home use.

Updated: May 24

How to hang gymnastics rings properly?

HEY! No swimming without the life guard. Don’t jump into the pool with out floaties big buddies. These are a few tips to get you going safely.

Check out our brief description of how to prepare your space and hang your new fat grip rings, then start at the beginning… NO REALLY, start at the beginning, you’ll thank us later (when you’re jacked and tanned.)


Step 1: Making space to work comfortably with your rings.

These measurements are a generic standard that will work for most individuals. We recommend finding a place with the most available space possible to fully enjoy your rings.

Having a ceiling height of 2.75-3.75 meters (~9-12 feet) of height will work for most everyone.

A distance of 1.5 meters (~5 feet) of clearance around you is best. You’ll want to hang the actual rings at shoulder width or a little wider.

Step 2: “Where do I hang my new rings?”

-Find a solid crossbeam or tree limb that can hold a substantial amount of weight without flexing or bending. There’s nothing worse than a surprise break from your support beam. Make 100% sure the hanging beam or limb can support your weight fully before committing to your ring work out.

-If you don’t have a convenient spot in your home, look at nearby park or perhaps the local gym will have an area that is optimal for your ring set-up. Keep in mind that HFR are modular and can be set-up and later stored with each use.

-A third option is to visit the hardware store and purchase the equipment to install a cross beam to support your rings.

-Remember that your HFR are made of 100% natural wood. They are totally suitable for outdoor use but keep in mind that constant exposure to heavy moisture (i.e. rain storm, hurricane, tornado, the amazon rain forest…etc.) will cause the wood to warp and weaken over time. Make sure not to leave them out in in-climate weather.

Step 3: "How do I thread my rings?"

- 1st: Loop your strap around your bar, beam or X Mount.

-2nd: Take the free end of the strap (no buckle) and pass it through the ring.

-3rd: Pass the free end of the strap through the interior of the buckle. Make sure the press the buckle lever down so that the teeth of the buckle allow passage of the strap. Make sure the strap comes out the bottom of the buckle. Allow the ring to hang through the completed loop.

-4th: Apply strong pressure to the ring and strap to test that the buckle is held firmly in place before using the rings. (Always double check to avoid injuries!)

-5th: ENJOY :)


If you've purchased the X-Mount home instalation support, the videos below will show in detail how to properly install it for safe home use.

Here's a great video from Youtube explaining step by step how to secure the X-Mount System in your home or gym.


Aquí pueden ver el mismo sistema explicado en español.

Robert Gannon is a Crossfit and Special Strength Coach with Crossfit Gala, Barcelona and Westside Barbell. He is also one of the founding partners of Happy Fat Rings, makers of the world’s only 36mm premium thick grip gymnastic rings. He has more that 20 years teaching experience and strives to help people from around the world get better.

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