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Thickest available gripping surface

Happy Fat Rings are the largest diameter wooden rings on the market at 36mm diameter. They’re thick enough to promote grip strength gains while still fitting into most hands comfortably.

Gymnastic Rings are a singular tool to help develop the entire body. From simple stretching exercises to the highest level of strength feats can be performed using rings. This millenary exercise tool provides a scalable, simple solution to any training regimen. Fat rings make it even better!

Better muscle activation

Wider gripping surfaces require that the hand exerts more force to hold onto the ring. As the hands squeeze tighter, the forearms, biceps, triceps and deltoids become involved in helping to sustain the effort according to the theory of radiative strength. Thick rings promote faster, more comfortable skill and strength development, especially in adult practitioners.


Pain Free training

“Loose the pain, get the gains.”


Increased muscle activation helps to displace joint stress over a larger surface area. Healthier joints promote more frequent training sessions with less injuries. This allows the athlete to workout pain free for longer amounts of time.

Complete gym in 1 piece of equipment

Happy Fat Rings cost less than most athletic shoes and are without a doubt one of the most versatile and beneficial training devices that can be bought.

​Quick and easy set up anywhere for everyone

Happy Fat Rings are simple to set up anywhere you can hang your straps. They fit perfectly into most carry-on bags or suitcases and travel with you. Always get your skill training done where ever you go. Whether you are an adult beginner or a lifetime pro, Happy Fat Rings offers a unique opportunity to get the most out your strength, conditioning and gymnastic training. We only use high quality birch wood and the science of thick grip training for more comfortable, efficient workout sessions.

More comfortable for beginners, improves gains for advance users

Having a thicker gripping surface on the ring also allows for more stability and ease of use. Many ring-skills demand the use of the “false-grip;” where the athlete must rest the fragile wrist bones along the inside of the ring while maintaining a firm grip. Thick rings keep painful pressure points from building up during extended practice.

Mind and body


Using a more challenging diameter requires active concentration to produce the higher forces needed to hold the object. Learning to connect your focus to challenging movements exponentially improves your athletic performance. This powerful mental involvement creates a greater number of neural pathways in the brain. A sharper mind allows for better agility, strength, endurance and longevity for the athlete over time. It helps to foster a greater mind-body connection.

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